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From Italy, with love for the entire world 🌎
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In Franciacorta, but with a pitstop at McDonald's

Tania and Alice are two wickedly alive and totally in love souls. They're all about the sick opportunities and mad authentic beauty of America, never missing a chance to hit up the Cali beaches or chow down on a delish Crispy McBacon while watching the Super Bowl. They're brewski and Franciacorta lovers, and their wedding was the perfect fusion of their lives, their tastes, and their expectations. When they said to each other "I will take care of the details", my team and I knew we had to bring that promise to life in their epic flick. After crushing some McD's burgers, rockin' strictly white attire, the two brides tied the knot at the historic Tenuta Acquaviva, overlooking the straight-up magnificence of Franciacorta. This wedding was an unforgettable moment, full of love, laughs, and deep sharing, that'll stay locked in their hearts and beyond, forever.

  • Place

    Franciacorta, Italy

  • Date

    8 July 2022

  • Couple

    Tania / Alice


A true professional.

Choosing a provider for a significant event such as a wedding requires trust and reliability. Having known Andrea for some time, I was aware of his great passion for his work, and so my wife and I had no doubts in choosing him as our wedding videographer. Andrea and his team were discreet, attentive, precise, and never intrusive during the ceremony, yet always affectionate. When we watched our wedding video, tears overcame us, and we wished we could remain immersed in that emotion forever. Thank you, Andrea, for making that day unforgettable, and we will always hold you in our hearts.

Tania / Alice