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Frequently Asked Questions

I am based in Milan, Italy, and offer wedding film production services both domestically and internationally. Prior to each assignment, I conduct a meticulous assessment of the wedding location, local culture, and the couple's preferences to provide a tailored and high-quality service. Travel expenses are subject to variation depending on the distance and seasonal rates.

Before anything else, it's crucial that we become acquainted. Filming a wedding is a significant responsibility that entails establishing a good rapport with the couple. That's why, prior to making a booking, I always arrange a video call to talk about your desires and gather the essential details needed to give you a free estimate. To schedule the introductory video call, you can click here.

You can book your film at any time. Naturally, a longer notice period would increase the likelihood of me and my team being available. Please contact me as soon as possible, even if you have an approximate date.

I am ready to capture your special moments in any condition. Together, we will plan your wedding film and also prepare a contingency plan in case of bad weather. Don't let wind, rain, or fog ruin your day: some of the weddings I have captured in the rain or adverse weather conditions are among my favourites, and the couples have been extremely happy with the results.

The couples I've worked with have never denied feeling a little bit awkward in front of the camera, but it's completely natural. From the first inquiry, I make sure to talk to you through a video call and become friends on social media. This way, on the wedding day, you will feel like we're old friends and you can relax and be yourselves. Although most of the shots are spontaneous, I'll be there to guide you and make you feel at ease.

After shooting, the post-production and editing phase begins. The film delivery times may vary depending on various factors, such as the specific requests of the couple and the season in which the film was shot. I am always mindful of delivering the work as quickly as possible, without compromising the quality of the final product.

Prior to creating my films, I carefully listen to all the couple's requests to provide a product that aligns with their initial vision. However, my creative style is a distinctive element of my work, so I only accept projects where I am given a certain artistic freedom in the creation process. I am available to make minor modifications to the final product, as long as they are in line with my style and not substantial.