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Hey there, I'm Andrea!

I'm a wedding video guy, and I love shooting destination weddings and elopements. Thanks so much for checking me out! As far as my style goes, I'm all about using light and shadows to create some serious poetry on film. It's kinda my thing.

Celebrated videographer: Andrea has captured the stunning beauty of the Dolomites and catered to our every request. Highly recommended for… unconventional elopements 😜

Marina / Andrea
Marina / Andrea
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When we watched the film of our wedding, tears took over and we wished we could have stayed immersed in that emotion forever. Thank you, thank you Andrea ❤️

Tania / Alice
Tania / Alice
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Andrea is a truly unique artist and professional. The passion he brings to his work is evident and it shows in the quality of his productions. You were amazing! 🎥

Tania / Alice
Cristina / Stefano
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Dear Andrea, where to begin! You have managed to capture the beauty and emotions of our elopement in an extraordinary way. We are utterly grateful for your work! 🥰

Amanda / Vivian
Amanda / Vivian
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Andrea, the film has become a precious treasure for us, our families, and all the guests, and we are grateful to be able to affectionately rewatch it for the rest of our lives. Thank you! ❤️

Amanda / Vivian
Benedetta / Matteo
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What's my passion?

Yo, I'm all about stories: the real, gripping ones that draw you in and don't let go. And there's a million different ways to tell them! That's why I don't really call myself a wedding videographer. I'm more like a storyteller, capturing those priceless moments and turning 'em into moving pictures. I want my films to hit you right in the feels and create memories that'll stick with you forever.

I am based in Milan, Italy, and offer wedding film production services both domestically and internationally. Prior to each assignment, I conduct a meticulous assessment of the wedding location, local culture, and the couple's preferences to provide a tailored and high-quality service. Travel expenses are subject to variation depending on the distance and seasonal rates.

Before anything else, it's crucial that we become acquainted. Filming a wedding is a significant responsibility that entails establishing a good rapport with the couple. That's why, prior to making a booking, I always arrange a video call to talk about your desires and gather the essential details needed to give you a free estimate. To schedule the introductory video call, you can click here.

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What kind of couple are you?


If you're looking for a wedding that's just about the two of you, without all the traditional bells and whistles, eloping might be the way to go. You get to choose a special spot that's meaningful to you, and I'll be there to capture all the magic on film without getting in the way. Let's make your romantic escape one to remember forever!

  • Stunning location suggestions
  • 1-3 day site inspections
  • Anywhere in the world, we've got you covered!

Destination Wedding

If you're looking to create an unforgettable, fairy tale wedding with your loved ones, a destination wedding might just be the perfect solution. Get swept up in the magic of the moment, while I capture all the emotional highlights of your love story throughout the day.

  • Cinematic 4k experience
  • Always-present drone
  • Two videographers, multiple perspectives

My films always have a love story.
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