A Wedding Like No Other

The dramatic sky above the old church on the cliffs had immense symbolic significance for the couple. The same church that had withstood storms of all kinds, much like the couple's journey together, would consecrate their union. It symbolized the spirituality and resilience within the walls of San Pietro, reflecting the love and perseverance of Dasha and Fabio, strong and ready to face anything.

The Medieval and Mystical Setting

The Church of San Pietro, Portovenere, perched on a cliff overlooking the sea, presents a striking image. Rustic and medieval, entirely built of stone, it dominates the ocean with waves crashing against the cliffs. The architectural details, steeped in history, add to the mystical and romantic aura of the place.

The Unforgettable Wedding Day

Emotions ran high as the couple experienced their special day in their beloved Portovenere. Stunned, happy, and incredulous, their tears framed their smiles. The dramatic weather—cloudy skies, wind, and a choppy sea—mirrored the storm they had endured to reach this day, capturing the timeless essence of San Pietro and their love.

Cinematic Teaser: A Story Beyond Words

The teaser video left viewers awestruck, describing it as incredibly cinematic, dramatic, and breathtaking. Key scenes showed the couple exploring a castle with an oil torch, their interactions with the dramatic scenery and weather adding a mystical, medieval, and romantic mood to the video.

Behind the Scenes

Filming this wedding in Portovenere was a joyous experience. The couple’s deep care for the video and photos led to a post-wedding shoot in the castle, exploring it as if it were their home—especially for Fabio, who felt a return to his origins. Their complete trust allowed for creative freedom, a rare and cherished request. We used vintage lenses for a dreamy, unconventional look, perfectly capturing their magical day at Malaspina Castle (Fosdinovo) and San Pietro in Portovenere.

Love in the Time of Chaos

In the midst of the chaos of 2020, Dasha and Fabio met in the heart of Silicon Valley. Both working and living in this tech hub, their European origins—Fabio being Italian and Dasha Ukrainian—drew them together. They fell in love over countless dinners on the terrace, dreaming of the day they could travel to their homelands when things returned to normal.

Unfortunately, things became more complex for Dasha’s homeland with the onset of war. The possibility of travel was destroyed, along with the places and cities she had known. Italy became a sanctuary for them, a place to protect their roots.

Fabio, born in Sarzana, often visited Portovenere with his family, forming an unbreakable bond with the mystical San Pietro. He would return to the same cliffs countless times, looking at his past and his future. When he finally visited Portovenere with Dasha, the place became special to both of them—a heart's sanctuary where Dasha could feel at home within the timeless stone walls of San Pietro.

WP: Lisa Giambastiani
Venue: Castello Malaspina (Fosdinovo)
Photography: Giuliano Lo Re
Videography: Andrea Tortora Films
Singer: Rachele Nicefori