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Epic elopement in Iceland - The story of Malika and Josep

A Love Story Unfolds in the Icelandic Highlands

High above the Arctic Circle, in the heart of the Icelandic Highlands, a unique love story unfolded. Malika, originally from Kazakhstan, and Josep, a native of Reykjavik, Iceland, but both residing in Sweden, embarked on a journey of a lifetime that would forever unite their hearts. Their elopement was not just a celebration of love; it was a testament to the untamed beauty of Iceland.

Getting ready in a private Oasis

Their adventure began with a one-hour drive from Hella, where they found solace in a cozy bed and breakfast. The B&B, nestled amidst the breathtaking Icelandic landscape, offered a soothing respite with its private hot tub and natural thermal water. Malika and Josep took this time to reflect and prepare for the unforgettable day ahead.

A Vow Exchanged on a Volcanic Altar

The culmination of their epic elopement took place on a serene yet dramatic stage - an inactive volcano in the Highlands, just minutes away from the renowned Landmannalaugar and its vibrant, colorful mountains. It was here that Malika and Josep exchanged their heartfelt vows, standing atop a majestic geological wonder. The panoramic view from the volcano's peak was nothing short of awe-inspiring, providing a breathtaking backdrop for their commitment to each other.

Capturing the Essence of Iceland's Wilderness

Their elopement video beautifully encapsulates not only their love story but also their journey through Iceland's remote and pristine landscapes. As you watch the footage, you'll feel the chill of the Icelandic wind and the starkness of the black, dramatic landscapes that define this unique country.

Love, as Wild and Majestic as Iceland

The final words spoken in the video resonate deeply: "Under Iceland's endless sky, love reveals itself like nature itself: wild, majestic, and eternal." This elopement, set against the backdrop of Iceland's untamed beauty, is a testament to the enduring power of love and the profound connection between two souls.

In this epic elopement in Iceland, Malika and Josep have not only embarked on a remarkable journey of love but have also shared their love story with the world. It's a story of love, adventure, and the indomitable spirit of nature. 

Wedding Planner: Irene Baselli
Photography: Generalfoto
Videography: Andrea Tortora Films

  • Place

    Highlands, Iceland

  • Date

    2 October 2023

  • Couple

    Malika & Josep

Dear Andrea, 
you were the person to catch one of the most important moments of our lives, and we cannot express how grateful we are for your incredible talent and professionalism.

From the very beginning, you proved to be not only a skilled professional but also a warm and understanding person who added to the joy of our special day.
You have an incredible ability to capture genuine emotions and real moments. We never felt like we were in front of a camera; instead, we could fully immerse ourselves in the beauty of the day. Your work goes beyond technical excellence – it's a creation that tells a story.

We will have this video as a timeless piece of art that will forever serve as a beautiful reminder of the love we shared memories we made. In this, we will forever stay young and beautiful. 
Thank you, Andrea, for your exceptional work and care. We appreciate it.

Malika & Josep