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La Dolce Vita in Amalfi Coast - Wedding Film at Le Nereidi

Immerse yourself in the enchanting story of Amanda and Felix's wedding, a cultural mosaic set against the picturesque Amalfi Coast. As every professional wedding videographer in Amalfi Coast, we captured the essence of their destination wedding, chronicling every moment from the tranquil preparations to the exuberant celebrations.

The Setting: Le Nereidi, Amalfi 

Nestled in the heart of the Amalfi Coast, Le Nereidi served as the perfect backdrop for Amanda and Felix's festivities. This venue, renowned for its stunning landscapes and elegant ambiance, was the cornerstone of their wedding film in Amalfi, showcasing the region's natural beauty.

Pre-Wedding Celebrations: A Nautical Adventure

Kicking off the celebrations, the couple hosted a pre-wedding party aboard 'Il Tortuga', a grand sailboat. This event was not just a party but a scenic tour along the coast, treating about 80 guests to the splendors of Positano and nearby islands. This joyous maritime adventure set the tone for the wedding, filled with swimming, diving, and unforgettable memories.

Morning Preparations: Embracing Traditions

On the wedding day, Amanda, with her Vietnamese heritage, and Felix, from Leipzig, Germany, started their day at Villa Foglia. Surrounded by family and bridesmaids, Amanda's preparations were steeped in cultural significance, adding a unique flavor to their wedding film in Amalfi.

First Look in Ravello: A Moment of Intimacy

The first look between Amanda and Felix was a deeply touching moment, taking place on a Ravello terrace overlooking the sea. This private moment, filled with emotion and anticipation, was a key highlight of their wedding film, capturing the essence of their bond.

The Ceremony and Reception: A Fusion of Traditions at Le Nereidi

The wedding ceremony, held in the vicinity of Le Nereidi, was a beautiful blend of German, Vietnamese, and Italian customs. After the heartfelt ceremony, the celebration continued at Le Nereidi. This part of their wedding was a spectacular fusion of cultures, marked by Vietnamese lanterns in the pool, traditional attire, and a lively mix of Italian charm. The reception at Le Nereidi was not just a party; it was a vibrant tapestry of emotions, from laughter and tears to dancing and heartfelt speeches, all beautifully encapsulated in our wedding film in Amalfi.


Amanda and Felix's wedding was a celebration of love and cultural harmony. As a leading destination wedding videographer in Amalfi Coast, capturing their special day at Le Nereidi was an honor. Their wedding film is not just a narrative of their union but a testament to the beauty and allure of destination weddings in Amalfi.

Venue: Le Nereidi 
Photographer: Giuliano and Francesca
Videographer (me): Andrea Tortora Films

  • Place

    Le Nereidi, Amalfi | Italy

  • Date

    4 August 2023

  • Couple

    Amanda & Felix

Andrea is not just a wedding videographer, but a true artist. Hiring him was the best decision of my wedding. His work, a blend of art and emotion, captured every significant moment, presenting a beautiful narrative that leaves everyone awestruck. Many have praised it as the best wedding video they've seen, comparing it to a cinematic masterpiece.

Working with Andrea and his team was a joy. They exceeded my high expectations, balancing professionalism with creative freedom. Their ability to capture candid moments and adapt to new environments showcases their artistic genius.

I can't praise Andrea enough for giving us a lifetime of joy through his films. I hope he continues to bring this happiness to brides worldwide.

Amanda & Felix