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LGBT Wedding in Tenuta Acquaviva, Franciacorta - Tears and Party

Introduction: Celebrating Love in the heart of Franciacorta 

Tania and Alice's LGBT wedding was not just an event, but a heartfelt expression of love, eagerly anticipated and deeply felt by everyone present. The majestic Tenuta Acquaviva in Franciacorta, a region renowned for its exquisite wines and stunning landscapes in Northern Italy, set a picturesque stage for their unforgettable day.

Tenuta Acquaviva: A Venue of Elegance and Detail 

Tenuta Acquaviva, a gem in the heart of Franciacorta, is a testament to elegance and meticulous attention to detail. The estate's charming decor, featuring elegant pampas and sophisticated arrangements, offered an enchanting backdrop for Tania and Alice's wedding, perfectly embodying the splendor of a wedding in Franciacorta.

An Unconventional Toast: McDonald's, Dancing, and Laughter 

Breaking away from conventional norms, Tania and Alice added a unique twist to their LGBT wedding celebration with a playful visit to McDonald's during the cocktail hour. Sharing their love for burgers, fries, and beer, they danced and reveled in joy, reflecting their deep-seated affection for American culture, which holds a special place in their hearts.

A Ceremony of Emotion and Promise 

The ceremony was a touching spectacle, where Tania and Alice exchanged vows amidst the presence of their loved ones and their cherished dog. The sincerity and depth of their promises moved everyone in attendance, symbolizing not just their union but the journey they embarked on together.

Dancing into the Night: A Celebration of Love and Energy 

The evening was a vibrant display of Tania and Alice's exuberant energy, as they and their guests took to the dance floor. The wedding transformed into a lively celebration, mirroring the couple's dynamic and spirited nature. It was an evening of joy, dance, and indelible memories, highlighting the essence of their love.

Conclusion: Capturing Memories with a Wedding Videographer in Franciacorta 

To immortalize a wedding as unique as Tania and Alice's, selecting the right wedding videographer in Franciacorta is crucial. A talented videographer can encapsulate the spirit of a wedding film in Franciacorta, preserving the cherished moments of laughter, love, and spontaneity. Tenuta Acquaviva, with its breathtaking scenery and romantic allure, is an idyllic setting for any LGBT wedding in Franciacorta, ensuring a day filled with beauty, love, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Venue: Tenuta Acquaviva 
Photographer: Giuliano and Francesca
Videographer (me): Andrea Tortora Films

  • Place

    Tenuta Acquaviva, Franciacorta | Italy

  • Date

    8 July 2022

  • Couple

    Tania & Alice

Choosing a provider for a significant event such as a wedding requires trust and reliability. Having known Andrea for some time, I was aware of his great passion for his work, and so my wife and I had no doubts in choosing him as our wedding videographer. Andrea and his team were discreet, attentive, precise, and never intrusive during the ceremony, yet always affectionate. When we watched our wedding video, tears overcame us, and we wished we could remain immersed in that emotion forever. Thank you, Andrea, for making that day unforgettable, and we will always hold you in our hearts.

Tania & Alice